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All our plants are ISO9000 Certified, with excellent quality.

ISO9000 Certificate

ISO9000 Certificate
Good Price and Customer's Benefits

By using the low cost manpower and raw material resources in China, our products are around 60-70% of the international market prices.


  By doing the same business, if our customer's previous net profit level is around 25%,by purchasing the components from us, the net profit level for our client will be increased by 50-80%, that is around 40-50% net profit. And this great reduction of purchasing costs will also increase our clients's market competitiveness strongly.


Timely Delivery
  As a professional components supplier, we fully understand timely delivery is of great importance to our customers, and always execute this principle strictly in each delivery.
Transportation Arrangements:
Various transportation methods can be arranged according our customer's requirements:

Express Mail: 5 days to any places in the world. Suitable for urgent samples or high value small lot products.
Air shipment: 5-7 days to all the major international airport.
Sea shipment: 18-25 days to all the major seaport in the world. Suitable for scheduled mass products delivery.
  Door to Door delivery Service:
  We can also handle door to door delivery service. That is we arrange to send the cargo directly to your local warehouse or your workshop. So you save a lot of time and headache with transportation, import and documents jobs.
  Production Schedule Arrangement:
For first time new items or new samples, generally it will take around 30-50 days to build the mold and tool for production. After that, production schedule can be arranged to meet customers' requirements.
Excellent Service
  All our customer service staffs are fluent in English, so you can communicate easily with them for all your requirements by email, fax, or telephone. They will take great care of your requirements and benefits.

We also have our sales representatives to work very closely with our customers. They will help with your technical questions and offer solutions to your requirements.

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